• Paris Trade Show Organizers Call for Action to Get Buyers Back to Paris

Paris Trade Show Organizers Call for Action to Get Buyers Back to Paris

PARIS — With fewer buyers in attendance, organizers of the Paris trade shows, held in different locations here during the just-wrapped Paris Fashion Week, called for action. While Tranoi reported stable footfall, Paris Sur Mode X Capsule with neighboring Première Classe saw visitors decline 4 percent. “Historically Paris is the fashion capital. It’s not possible that this city and this fashion week is being deserted. We need support from the government,” said Antoine Floch, co-founder of Woman Paris which doesn’t reveal traffic. Floch called for funded buying trips to encourage independent stores back. “I’ve been talking to the French Fashion Council to ask why a city like Florence flies buyers to Pitti, Milan flies buyers in, Copenhagen does. Why isn’t Paris doing the same?” he asked. “While this city is finally waking up to the importance of supporting fashion, they’re still making mistakes, organizing a 10K race in the middle of fashion week,” pointed out Armand Hadida, Tranoi’s artistic director. “When you have a heritage, you take it for granted, you didn’t work for it, we haven’t gone to all the efforts other capitals have. We’re privileged to have buyers come from the world over. Paris needs to multiply efforts to maintain this privilege. When

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