• CosPlay Keeps Growing at New York Comic Con

CosPlay Keeps Growing at New York Comic Con

Costume characters have always been a part of the scene at New York Comic Con and each year cosplay becomes bigger. The costumes take sometimes thousands of hours to create and cost several hundred dollars. This year at the “con” long established pattern companies Simplicity and McCall’s each have large booths in key locations on the exhibition floor. Fabric company Cosplay Fabrics.com is next to McCall’s and brought cosplay celebrity Yaya Han to draw attention to their products. It is estimated that half a million people engage in cosplay worldwide. If each of these players made just one costume, it translates into a $250 million industry. However, most cosplayers make several outfits. Booths were teeming with fans as alternative fashion designers flocked to look at patterns created with cosplay in mind. McCall’s had their custom cosplay patterns available using professional photos with oversize envelopes and sturdy pattern paper. Normally these patterns are only available online. Stacey Long, the senior vice president of sales and marketing said, “The response has been tremendous. This has been our customer for a long time, but we weren’t really addressing them.” She noted that the traditional costume patterns were used by cosplayers, but these improvements were directly related to

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