• U.S., EU Negotiators Vow to Advance T-TIP Talks, Textile Proposal Made

U.S., EU Negotiators Vow to Advance T-TIP Talks, Textile Proposal Made

WASHINGTON — The U.S. made a new regulatory proposal on textiles during the latest round of the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership negotiations in New York this week, as negotiators stressed that they plan to continue the talks despite facing headwinds. Negotiators met against the backdrop of antitrade fervor against T-TIP sweeping parts of Europe and a vote by the U.K.to leave the European Union, which has complicated the the talks. They are also facing the uncertainty associated with the end of the Obama administration and a transition in the U.S. to a new president who will take office early next year. Both U.S. presidential candidates have railed against the negative consequences of trade and another trade deal — the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement. “We have heard some skeptical voices about T-TIP recently, but I want to emphasize that the U.S. remains fully engaged in the negotiations and is as committed as ever to their success,” Dan Mullaney, assistant U.S. Trade Representative and chief negotiator for the U.S., said on a press call. “We remain ready to move forward on an agreement that is in our mutual economic interests.” Ignacio Garcia Bercero, the EU’s chief negotiator, said, “We have been making very good progress

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