• Paul Smith and John Tierney’s Pretty in Pink Fashion Collaboration

Paul Smith and John Tierney’s Pretty in Pink Fashion Collaboration

Sir Paul Smith and John Tierney have come full circle. Both hailing from modest backgrounds in northern England, the designer and painter followed circuitous paths to reach their current station in life — a fashion collaboration based on one of Tierney’s paintings owned by Smith. Smith was an avid cyclist before growing his namesake fashion business that now includes 200 shops in Japan, one in Manhattan, a week-old boutique in Paris and another slated to bow in a month in the same city, and the massive pink building on Los Angeles’ Melrose Avenue that, by his account, attracts 400 people daily in search of the perfect backdrop for a selfie. Tierney retired from teaching criminology at Durham University in England before committing himself to painting. His introduction to Smith came from his son, Ben, who worked as a shop assistant in one of Smith’s stores in London years ago. Ben Tierney somehow ended up working across the street from Smith’s Melrose store. The elder Tierney joined the crowds who became fascinated by the pink edifice. He’s painted it on numerous occasions, even naming one piece “Pretty in Pink.” His first exhibition in the U.S. was hosted in the store, and he previously

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