• Downtown Style Hunters Initiate New Eyewear Craze

Downtown Style Hunters Initiate New Eyewear Craze

For all the effort the eyewear industry exerts in working to isolate and incubate trends, the latest optical craze had its inception on the street. In New York this fall, fashion-conscious women have been heading to their opticians in droves, aviator sunglasses in hand — requesting that their tinted lenses be replaced with clear prescriptions. The striking look caught the eye of Hesperios sales director Miranda Levitt — who recently modeled for the downtown brand Rachel Comey in the new shape, hers Gucci. “I had had the same glasses for a long time, they were Moscot and everyone had them so I didn’t feel like they were unique when I wore them,” Levitt said of what prompted the change-up. “I wanted something totally opposite and saw that Gucci did a runway collection where all the girls wore giant aviator reading glasses — I saw a girl wearing them on Instagram and had to get them.” Gucci had sold out of its optical style, leading Levitt to purchase the oversize sunglass model instead. “I have seen four girls in Paris with them at fashion parties,” she said, while in France for the fashion market season. While purchasing new, trend-driven eyeglasses may appear a costly expenditure at face value, New

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