• Hurricane Matthew Leaves Interrupted Sales in Its Wake

Hurricane Matthew Leaves Interrupted Sales in Its Wake

A slowdown in retail sales in the southern and southeastern U.S. is one of the residual effects of Hurricane Matthew, the deadly storm that ravaged Haiti last week and brought record-breaking flooding to the Carolinas and Georgia. Matthew has been blamed for at least 1,000 deaths in Haiti and at least 21 in the U.S. but spared the densely populated southern tip of Florida. In the aftermath of the storm, retailers reported that debris and flooding made roads impassable and loss of power was common “from St. Augustine, Fla., all the way up to the Carolinas,” said a Wal-Mart spokesman on Monday, adding, “Hurricane Matthew delivered a serious blow to a number of states and we’re working to get our stores up and running to best serve our customers. We’re assessing safety, damage and power outage challenges and will continue reopening locations as quickly as possible.” “There’s really nobody out walking around yet, but there will be eventually,” said Meg Offutt, an owner of Kemp’s Shoe Salon and Boutique with three stores in Vero Beach and Stuart, Fla. “A lot of people who left with the evacuation are back and they’re fixing their homes. We were so afraid because Matthew was heading straight for us as a category four, and

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