• Saks Jandel, Washington’s Iconic Store, Closing Doors

Saks Jandel, Washington’s Iconic Store, Closing Doors

WASHINGTON — Saks Jandel, for decades the capital’s designer store for first ladies, celebrities and society doyennes, is closing its doors, marking the end of a retail era rapidly being transformed by e-commerce and consolidation. The oldest remaining family-owned upscale store in Washington, Saks Jandel has flourished for decades, bringing couture to the power brokers and social elite in the nation’s capital. First ladies Nancy Reagan and Barbara Bush were clients, as was Elizabeth Taylor, who shopped there when she was the wife of former Sen. John Warner. Philanthropist Deeda Blair also was one of the store’s patrons, often partnering on events with Saks Jandel to raise money for charities. Now it is closing the last chapter on its 128-year history at a time of restructuring in the retail industry that is impacting stores both big and small. Peter Marx, president, who has been with the company for 37 years, said a final liquidation sale will begin Thursday, but he expects to stay open for several more months, continuing to serve his loyal customer base. Marx said the company is as vibrant as ever, but noted it is time to close because his children are pursuing other things and he will focus on his real estate

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