• Benetton Unveils New Made in Italy Line

Benetton Unveils New Made in Italy Line

CASTRETTE DI VILLORBA, Italy — With a new line made in Treviso, Benetton is joining the re-shoring movement. A company known for its global reach, both in terms of production and distribution, Benetton’s new line is called TV 31100, which refers to Treviso’s postal code and shows the group has the expertise to produce fine knitwear in-house — and also to do it in Italy. Aiming for a technically innovative product, Benetton “stripped back a knit to its yarns, looking at its structure and seaming and went for a totally seamless model,” explained Satish Tailor, head of innovation. Tailor was speaking at a presentation at the group’s state-of-the-art manufacturing and logistics plant here, near the city of Treviso, at a large working table representative of the message. Sketches, scissors, threads, rolls of yarn and samples exemplified the manual steps before the yarns hit the machines. To support the launch, Benetton has invested 2 million euros, or $2.2 million at current exchange rates, in the project, acquiring 36 Shima Seiki machines that spin knits from one single thread that is 500 meters long, or more than 1,640 feet. “It’s almost like 3-D printing,” he said, pointing to elbow patches embedded in the knits. The first designs are an

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